Following the destruction by fire of the Pavilion at the Playing Field and the introduction of government legislation applicable to the Courtroom regarding disabled access etc, the Committee find themselves dreadfully short of funds!

 The Court Room, Playing Field and Pavilion are a vital part of the villages of Staverton and Landscove, hosting the Garden Show and Elizabethan Fayre, recreation, and sports for the children of St Christopher’s school (where sports and fitness are high on the Government agenda), the Football Club and many other social activities, weddings, parties etc.

We have had to take out a loan from the Charity Bank over 5 years to pay the shortfall in the rebuilding costs of the Pavilion, but it has to be paid for, and this is where we need to appeal to our Community.  


                         COME AND JOIN THE COMMUNITY LOTTERY!


We are starting a Community Lottery and we hope you will be keen to participate.


·         Pay only £5.00 per month (6 X £5 or 12 X £5)

·         Half of all proceeds will be paid back in prizes

·         Three cash prizes per month

·         The more members, the bigger the prizes

·         Annual Christmas bonus draw



 Draws take place on the last Friday of every month.  The draw will take place in public alternating between the Sea Trout and the Live and Let Live Inn, so why not make an evening of it!

How do I Join?


To make the administration of the Lottery as simple as possible, Standing Order forms can be completed at the time of joining, or alternatively a year’s or six months subscription can be paid in advance by cheque.  Application forms are available from Jain Wood (01803 762684) or Pym Mogford (01803 762735) or email

 The local community was brilliant at raising funds for the original Pavilion and we very much hope that you will be equally generous in helping the Management Committee to ensure that this excellent facility, together with the Court Room and Playing Field, are there for local people to enjoy in the future.  We also hope that the activities we have planned will help to bring people together.

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